Sometimes we scurry places in the hope of finding
freedom and shape it into things we used to know

old memories speeding like wolves on a wild chase
remind us if we could find love, all distances would disappear

that bottle of beer, the cup of coffee – encased with regrets
and a tinge of uncertainty plunders our foundations, to drown us

Once we learn we cannot travel without clutching at someone
you realize different places are littered with hope as a blur.

For nothing says goodbye like staring out in a hot afternoon
only to notice the tiny swing of an idle hammock. It’s rumored

that alarm sounds reminds us why we have to keep moving so our
alienation tapers towards happiness enameled with simple gestures

Yet something immigrates in our bodies for respite
short pleasures prevail, all distances are subverted like a returning ocean.

© Eddy Ongili 2016


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