The Heavy Rains Will Come

There will come heavy rains splattering the ground
Pounding merrily, gushing the wild rhythm of oddity
And screams will be heard on river banks
And grim stares will be seen, sighing at the destruction
As bedrocks will tingle sensually from a heavy lust of water
Only then will we prolong our differences and curse
Terrified because excessive greed will be malignant beyond comprehension
And we will all fall, steadily like harvested maize cobs

There will come heavy rains dancing a circle
Holding pretentious conversations than therapy groups
Finding out why we must disrupt this by shouting together
Because time will erupt majestically swinging unto the clouds
None of us will remember why we refuse listen to reason
Nobody will proclaim to have seen the deluge coming
As losses will be astronomical, farting gaily on our gross stupidity
For we were all alive when we had the chance to prevent much damage

There will come heavy rains spouting on all corners
And birds will long to sing, frogs will be affected by depth
Until poetry will lecture our plunging senses
As a constant threat to the coexistence of this country
It will find us swooning, helpless and dying
While we cling to the wrath of the changing times
We won’t remember this war, only fallen soldiers
Rotting underneath piers of the sea we built

© Eddy Ongili 2015


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