I consist of impermanent words like a dandelion
Many unspoken and unwritten until a blow or a gust
Of nature materializes on my trodden path leaving me asunder
Or worse belaboring me into existential rigor mortis
I am guilty of living too little, chaining myself to domestication

I want to unshackle what ties me to sensibility
And free myself from awareness of others more than I give myself 
I want to live without the contrivances I have built over time
So I may be free to enlarge as a river whenever I need to
And flow wildly whenever the currents multiply  

If it be conceited or arrogant then I’ll pray for forgiveness
But I won’t stop my pursuit from living functionally as a child
To enjoy every moment life accords me
And until then when I will manage the tempest inside me
I shall dance in the wind to learn its secrets

© Eddy Ongili 2015


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