Lend Me Your Talent


write me a poem devoid of any rhyme
like a mountain humping a valley
and rivers flowing everywhere but the oceans
be wild and spontaneous
leave avalanches and constellations out
and show me wallflowers and pebbles
fill it with sophistication of language, like delectable lips
and sync my heart with the music of nature
so that i may dance to the freedom of love
to later demonstrate the rattling effect your eyes have on me

write me a poem inspired by the jungle of a city
or the mannerisms of pronunciations such as plunging senses
fill my heart with sensations of describing the amorous nature
of life when our shadows collide in a busy street
narrate the stupendous effect of ecstasy perhaps among
millions of people and show me any purge of sincerity
start gossiping about praxis like you and me alone forever
stop me from invading the sacrilegious temptation of the night
and invite me within the borders of fantasy
to the point i am apprehended for enduring such elaborate modulation
of your rejection or hesitation or unrequition or tonal imbalance
to the obsessive beauty of you and beyond my sanity

i float in crisis, clutching at remnants of an inadmissible passion
inviting public shame in the court of love
and though i am debated upon, i feel tragedy welling up my eyes
and reason bolting out of my conscience to the moment
i am unable to define the intense longing that pursues me day and night
i strip my heart out only for the prosecutor to unleash damning evidence
for i once wrote that i’d steal all the maps in the world
if only i can have the forbearance of nature’s photography
since i’d promised quieter waters to sail unattached to your smile
but words were just words until i awoke to the craze of meddling
in your speeches, i wanted all the words from your tongue
my state is now existential like a paradigm of archetypal nonsense
whereby i am being charged with unpardonable perjury because i cannot affirm
why my radiating love for you metastasizes like a dripping nuclear reactor
only for it to explode in my innards wasting me away as the sea does to a shipwreck
i am defamed, deformed, debased in my delinquency beyond any defense
for i am guilty of loving too much and condemned to a solitary cell for
my dangerous and infectious state of existence

see; write me a poem of defiance
and drape yourself with excesses as almond oil and ambrosia
only this time, make the pilgrimage to my holdings before i face the executioner
and show me the depth of four walls and a roof
harmonize the distortion of contemporary poetry and
only speak to me in rhythm of language
for in the end, the necessities of our final elegies are
worshipped on the truncation of words, like kisses under maples
or on old train seats and in thunderclouds poaching us away
these are what life is made of
so beloved, write me a poem of survival and simmer through
my lungs like unconditional air.

© Eddy Ongili 2015


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