We Became Poets Here

A poet challenged me to declare who you are
To shout your name if I was confident of you
To explain how you have remained hidden in my lines
As if you were words or
An encyclopedia or
Literature, an edict
Or a healing and common name
As if you don’t already manifest yourself
Unperturbed, unashamed
Into each labour that goes into shaping
Feelings and thoughts as poems
It is evident
You are central to my writing

Dissatisfied, the poet kept asking if you felt
Misrepresented or happy
As if you are salty
Oceanic and it at all I am feverish on your absence
Until it was clear my poetry wouldn’t exist without you
The poet relented and asked why I preferred language
Like dichotomy, suadade and la doluer exquise
the question stunned me
on one hand, I was proud of the depth of my vocabulary
but the wrenching totality of the words made me tear

The last question was 
Why you preferred certain prepositions
Like of, into, except, without and until
Then when I responded
That I was so into you except I could not be
Without you until the end of time
The poet left smiling before turning back and saying
That you are part of me as poetry is to you


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