You sing beside me

Songs that remain unwritten only deciphered

With the gush of a terminal tempest
Like flushing my tendons open to supplement

My balance with the alphabets of your incorrigible lust

Like oratory capstones unleashing the monarchy of your love

I was once a desperate parcel of god to the earth

Until the swell of your words erupted from my ribcage

Until the wondrous heights of melancholy evicted me from my wrappings

And unto the bouquet of your ignition

You suddenly purged me into the thickened halls of romance

As is with the blossoming flower in a dark vase

You topple amidst my hesitation and I rapture fervently

As your hands intoxicate my skin with elementary essence

As a delicious awakening akin to cotton fabric

You mutiny my presence

As in the kaleidoscope, I can only feel myself conversing with fireflies

As your hands palm tree as a visual connoisseur

Depicting the illustrious daydream silhouette of your body

I feel the intensity of your glowing warmth

So unpredictable, so volcanic, so rapid

Such hammering, everywhere when my hands meet your unrelenting

Bosom with the dueling spirit of adventure

I am taken by the luxurious essence of your body

Beyond imaginative perspirations, licorice and bister

I burden myself with instructing my hands to carry the fleshy mounds of your back

Because I am unable to concentrate with the remarkable imperfection

Of your preying skills until you pray abducting my oak with your tongue

I form mental arcs of ejected passions

With a momentary hymn as a duet only this time, my walls are fully breached

I float away inside the emerald sanctuary guarded by your silken thighs

Straddling as is potency of an equestrian 

Something like burnt sienna sends me back to gasping as a departing soul

You savour the moment by roping your legs upon my back

I sigh spent as an echo in an unrelenting cave

Sifting through the silence of your web of satisfaction

Your jubilance like infant sepia soliloquizes my desire

That I wonder Valerian

If I confess your eyes are the blue sea where I crave to drown

If you pass through my fingers like a waterfall and

Rest in the sea

If I my bones erupt due to coldness and my voice thunders

Because of your absence

If I walk murmuring like the collision of waves

If I crave to discern the contours of your back

If despite myself I admit that your body is where I

Want to rest even in your turbulence
Would it mean that we have found the imprint of romance?

(C) Eddy Ongili 2015


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