Before I Knew You

Before I knew you
Before I was a victim of a minefield explosion
As your voice and eyes made a violent coup inside me
I felt the visceral churn of organs.

Before I knew the clusters of stars
Before I inhaled your stardust like heroine
On the islands on your chest
I was already an addict and your slave, baroness

Before I knew the language of your fingertips
Before I momentarily turned into Braille
As you read me in the wildness of your study
I closed my eyes to memorize the moving vocabulary of your tongue

Before I wept at your disappearance and absence
Before desires squeezed me out of my bed coverings
I clutched at the bed sheets beneath
To let my hands remember the compassion of your softness

Before I broke several shades of perfume where i rest
To confuse the passionate intercourse of body and soul
I scrapped the colour of autumn from my chest
With countless shrapnel for how could winter arrive without you

Before I knew all these
I was calm
But now
I am experiencing the aftermath of a world war
And the much I loved you
Lies among the battlefield debris of a familiar pit.

© Eddy Ongili 2015


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