I told her

Of all the reasons I love you
There is none compared to
How you hold my memory within the doors
Of your bathroom
So you can tell me, everything is okay

So you can write to me
That you are a trapped being in the hinges of the door
Hammered in by delusional nails of existence
Closed in a temporal room of a terminal tempest
And these people keep ignoring your pleas of
Ripping you off your clothes and setting you on fire
They just keep throwing petrol bombs at you
Without knowing that it is sweeter smelling the
Violent burning of skin rather than a combination of both
They don’t know this and if they did
They would run away from you until you cry yourself to death.

It makes you terribly sick
Sadness floods you like a river that has burst its banks

You pray that your words will startle God into action
When you finally kiss the riverbed and go away in silence
Yet you want to be free
Free from yourself and free of all the hurt you’ve encountered
Except that all you can do is wish
And then you write me countless words with the ache in your nerves
Etching the alphabets in your heart
The you realize it has suddenly become a burden
Language feels outstandingly useless
When it is kept to self
And I am only giving it back to you

But you are a canon
Those hinges are your launching ground
How you explode beyond me is a matter reserved for my imagination

I offer you
Again, my understanding
So that one day you will give it back to me
If only you knew how unrestrained love stuns you.

© Eddy Ongili 2015


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