How did all these happen?
You remember,
When she folded herself into a tiny shape
And wept for days, for years –
Ridden of all the splendor of life
Greedily snatched from her like a bombshell
That separated her into tiny fragments,
Kenya, did you see that coming?
Did it register in your mind what suffering brings?
And as if that wasn’t enough
You forced her inside a grave
Trying to cover your tracks
How could you do that?
How can you cover the sky?
By clouds? By pretending it doesn’t exist?

Kenya, do you understand the intensity of this situation?

Kenya, look around
Pay attention to the guilt and stigmatization you bring
Look around
Just look at your children
Look at your daughters, sisters and mothers
How many times do we need to reflect about this?
Kenya, Oh bastard Kenya
You are filled with madness
Didn’t it register in your head that;
You peeled her sacredness and condemned her soul
You tortured her mind and muddied her imagination
You ploughed her innocence and planted inside her seeds of sorrow
Do those make you sit comfortably, Kenya?
How do they make you feel?

Pay attention Kenya
No one cares whether the devil influenced you
No one gives a hoot about your stinking memory
All we care is the safety of our people.
The freedom to live without subjection of pain
What again?
You didn’t notice that you ashame us
That your level of intolerance is sickening
How do you rape a someone?
How do you live with yourself pretending?
That oh, she deserved it
What nonsense is that?
Kenya you consume us with anger

Look at yourself
Rape culture. Victimization. Stigmatization
All of them
Are the shame you tolerate, Kenya?
Arise from your state of inebriation
Arise from your stupid sleep
We cannot lose this war.
Do something,
Speak out!
Dear, Bastard Kenya
End Rape Kenya.

© Eddy Ongili 2015


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