Wheels and Convictions

Single flashes of purring thoughts hinder freedom
When inside all floats but one’s feet keeps
Them in a realm confine of self.

She said, I love you too
He said, Nothing

(As if those were the last words needed to sink a ship.
A shipwreck it was)

The concentration of life between souls
Sometimes more
Lies an interminable silence
Unconscious even
That is deepen by the sharpness of reactions.

Dreams are wonderful

But self-dependent dreams are more sweet on realization
As shipwrecks can be survived by confronting
The tide that sleeps awaiting the weight
Of an optionable jump.

Also, swift duality is rugged by classification of desire
It’s human and it’s life
But the basis to seek
Shouldn’t be limited to social constructs.

Humanity is miserable at some point
Dissonant even to a state of surrender
Ever pulling the strings of altruism.

Love and Life are giant footprints of silence
That insist on a conditional following
of the inconsistent footsteps.

© Eddy Ongili 2015


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