This how we Love

Give me the delicacy of storms
To understand the little things in life
To quiet places of my younger self
Give me the fountain of hope
The perennial power of love
Give me the glide of the glory of wings.

Help me understand the innocence of my soul
Its afflictions and triumphs
Its depravity and point-blank uncertainity
Even as I present myself as unshaken
I am folded by the fingers of remission
Locked in transcience of imperfection
Help me understand this is how we live.

Keep me in paths of rain and sun
So the world will understand
I could never control the desires of my heart
The heart goes for what it wants
Keep me beyond all armoury adopted in time
Further than any semblance of logic
But beyond any measure
Keep me in the raw taste of love
To tell of the churn of organs in an everlasting coup.

Take my hands
To feel the torpedo resting in my heart
Launched inside me by the smile of a flower.
Take them to write the intricacies of love
And the pleasures of serenading the moon
Take me to seas wide apart
The plurality of chance sang by waves
When two souls dance in love
Take me inside the hidden shells
To listen to the soothing lyrics of love.

Show me where it hurts the most
Where the hearts dies out of guilt
And if it isn’t revived by an octane fire
Invisible even surprising of the immensity of love
Show me the broken veins
So that if a kiss won’t heal
I shall disappear
But for now
Show me so much
Show me the visceral position love has caused.

Ongili, 2015.


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