You became the magic of romance
A child of the moon That when you dance on buds,
flowers bloom Just like the fire of love
And like an eagle, you flap to engulf me
In waves that rush to the tip of your tongue
To get off the dullness of the sea
It is how I realize I am caught up in flames
Who will be the first to explain your spell?
être le coup de foudre
That throws me off balance in the voyage of desire
To master the penalty of sin
How else will I ask forgiveness from god?
When your are ruby the fire and ore of ale
My holy sin in the purple fire of chance.

Is the longing a mere need of the soul?
More than the carnal need to ascertain your contours
But who pulled me away from my philosophy of love
To adjust my eyes at the aura of your cheeks
Who made me partake in the communion of love?
You are the only girl that recites my words before I feel them
J’ai eu le coup de foudre pour Amaris
Despite your humanity, would you be a forest?
How the trees love you back
And only once do I need to frolic in imagination
Because I am sure an intense pleasure follows you
I remain in the hope of demolishing my desire from you
In the name of going at the center of the sea
To have you escort my palms on the science of your face
I want to learn you. All of you.

There are songs in the fields
Something to be likened to flowers dancing
There are poems in the theory of your eyes
Only written by a brush of sigh
The form of your mighty soul engulfs me
In words, opening my eyes to you
You are the poem, always the poem
That sips from your skin as moonlight
More than sensual rain
I wander off course to master the lyrics of your footsteps
Like brimming gypsy toes, you fill me with happiness.
You converse like fireflies in the ballroom of nature
More beautiful than flying, pero te amo
More than love itself, mais je te aime.
Beaming on your tongue

You are Amaris
A-m-a-r-i-s, the words at the tip of your tongue
Amore to how it only made by you.
Amore in the mornings, tears me in pages
Of incarnations, eternally manifested in your pose
Suddenly your soul leads me to you.
Inspite of myself, I flock the colours of your fingertips
My fleur-de-lys that I want to paint on my back
And I will brave the penalty of her love
Turn me into an oak tree and my roots will follow you.
Amaris my glorified afternoon in the engineering of light
Speed as the colour of your words, the letter of my soul
I want to live only for you
That I can only learn to love and write of you I belong to you.


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