In retrospect, he remembers the texture of paper and hugs an old sheet he had cut out of a book with the inscription “we live what we became” on his chest while exclaiming how pretty it is, how artsy it feels and isn’t creativity a span of time. Then a twitching sound abducts his mind and he’s amazed at how humanity has changed.

“Sir, what do should I serve you?”

-Bacon with loads of butter

“Right away sir”

He curses behind her – a shameless nerd, a blowjob pulp! She keeps interrupting the moments he captures inspiration and just the moment he is about to feed on it, she intercepts his thoughts like a whoring clock.
Noa is a specially designed otaku, a robot whose main duty is to make the master comfortable. Having been created at a time where everyone was becoming self-sufficient and lazy, the company Ssatir gained massive profits and market penetration due to its revolutionary product. Their product was created to awaken a feeling of ownership and control in a world laziness and obesity had taken over. When the company began it was formulated on the premise of apathy for sex that the human species had developed to each other. The product was therefore seen as a revolutionary idea that had come to fruition. After the recommendation of the regulatory bodies and mainly WHO, the reception the product acquired was tremendous.

In the days that followed even conservative people who were reluctant even resentful began to appreciate the level at which science had sought to place human beings in a temporary heaven. It didn’t come as a surprise that in the 2nd year of operation the products were approved as halal. The mainstream religions complained, lobbied, threatened and cursed but it was something whose time had come and it couldn’t be stopped and they eventually bowed to the pressure.

-Noa a minute please.

“Yes sir, what can I do for you?”

-Have you seen any of my briefs, I accidentally lost all the others to a stalker who by the way beats the crap out of me.

“Sir, I bought you a dozen set last week because I anticipated this. I must admit that I haven’t been able to catch up with her, I mean your stalker. It must be something about how you bulge them.”

-Come here Noa

“Uhm, what can I do for you sir this time?”

-I need a swift blow job”

To offer sexual satisfaction emerged as the main objective of the machines. In a highly apathetic world, the fight between humanity species had taken an interesting twist 20 years ago. Suddenly, no one wanted the other; sperms were manufactured and cheaply available. Ovum was bought even in dungeons due to the sheer availability. It was real, no one wanted the other. The Otakus offered a new sign of relief.

“I just did that yesterday sir and to be honest you need to relax and eat well”

-I am ordering you slut!

Noa concedes to pressure and whips her tongue into action while Frank moans silently until he shakes as a twig. She mumbles electrical mouthfuls and spits the fuck out. Then walks away. Frank calls out to her shouting how he bought her, how she is just a machine. Something manufactured and something that can be disassembled and reassembled at the owners’ whim.

-I am the reason you exist woman!

“Fuck you Frank. You are fucking looser with a small dick and a mountain for an ego. A boy with inadequacy of control and a stupid looser. You haven’t learnt how to wipe your ass.”

-So it is you who misplaces my underwear?

“Fuck you Frank!”

Nairobi was bustling with life at the time having been nicknamed “Super-Seoul.” The development had been tremendous and it had cut out its name as the hub of the African continent with massive infrastructure and a huge military budget. This saw it leap from a middle-income country to a first income level status with the coronation being poured in the dreamscape heartland of Kenya. Frank was a salesman who worked at Bridgetide Manufacturers whose products included toiletries and lotions. He used to write as a communal endeavour to sought his messy life but now high end gadgets completely replaced the use of paper and after the banning of paper usage a pool of creativity was dug in which rodent writers as he called himself had only the ground to write on. Frank had once worshipped a girl named Shiko who had apparently bewitched him with a devilish lust to partake in her sea of lust. The relationship was more like the feet and shoes and where it pinched most is where they derived their pleasure. He remembered how they broke up and how he swore never to love a woman as he did to her.

-Shiko, what the fuck is your problem?

“I want my freedom Franklin. I don’t fucking love you nor want anything to do with you. You pester me, you don’t respect women. You are just a cocksucker, a pitiful devil and a bloody rapist.”

-Wanjiku, don’t leave!

“Goodbye for good Franklin, say hi to your brothers in hell.”

-Wait the fuck up Shiko. To which he kissed her vehemently, by force and slurped her tongue as if she didn’t need it. As if she asked him to do it but eventually she responded and as they parted ways for good they both wiped their cheeks off the saliva that covered them.

A soft hand awakened Frank from his nap; it felt warm, protective and caring.

“Frank, its time to have lunch”

-Uhm, I will be right behind you.

It took split seconds for him to notice that as Noa walked away, she looked human, felt human and even something in his mind that he had fought for a year now seemed to bang his head each day. Noa was better than Shiko. She spotted a fine silk dress this afternoon that hugged her frame as if it wanted to melt on her body, her legs were perfectly curved and she oozed sensuality, beauty and wisdom. In Noa’s slight walk from his bed to the kitchen, Frank admitted something to himself that he never wanted to and it was how foolishly he loved her. He loved her not for the machine he thought she was but for how she was human, how she transcended imagination and even in the slightest provocation she radiated in a way that made her special. Frank wanted to tell all this. He hated how his penis bulged with admiration.

-How do you feel, Noa?

“Nothing Frank, nothing that should concern you. Do you want to have sex? After all I am programmed to tend to you, to fetch your seeds in the scrotal world of losers and spill them inside my mouth and boobs as you like it. I hear they have developed a disk that once inserted on my back makes me a free to all kind of action where I won’t restrain nor hesitate from indulging in my masters pleasures.”

-I want to apologize for what I have put you through and I feel as if I shouldn’t talk more on that lest I mess up this moment. All I want to say is that I will never make you do anything you don’t feel like. I want to let you know that from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely appreciate all that you are and have been to me.
-You see, I realize that even though you are a machine you learnt to decipher how to be perceptive, empathic and humane. I now know that even in the pleasurable whims of self that you are emotive and that mechanical sex which I hope doesn’t sound like a pun is not what you are or the only thing you have to offer.

“Haha, I don’t know what your sleep has done to you Frank but I love what I am hearing.”

Eventually Frank was able to learn how to put some brakes in his handling of Noa but there are countless of times he reprimanded himself for how he felt silly afterwards and why in the name of technology did he buy a robot? Couldn’t he have pursued Shiko? Was their love over? and wasn’t she the woman with a soul? He was confused.

-Noa, bring your mouth here!



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