Come With Me


She said, come with me
As I can lift up the sand in a thunderous step
When it poses as a barrier to a future together
Seen in the folly turn of pain over a multitude of tribulation
And even in the storms I will feel your veins aching for me
In the presence of a sound catalyst
I can hear your reactions of a culinary product
You should have learnt to cook.
But all the time
You were warmed in the sticky notes to self
Advertising your momentous shadow of whims
And tribulations you set forth.
Even in the miniature pounding of heart
You should have fought my reluctance
Where we lost our ability to speak.


She said, come with me
See the world cross-cutting into horizons we barely knew
Those that rise in a tendril uniform
And I have seen how they made a home that we decorated with feathers.
Be it a moment we forget everything
While walking along the neon paths outlining nature
The tumbling contours we bade goodbye
But we reformed to feel the texture of compromise
Reeling in the gush of a tempest that held us in this war.
And it has been this way,
I who should have let you peer into my soul
For if you remained after all the mess – I am,
Then I would have dedicated my battles on fighting for us
I should have held your hand.


She said, come with me
Romance should have been tasteful
Because I’ve seen how ice is formed and how it melts
Only when you frown and smile.
Yes, I have seen your chaste and pure beauty
Spumming like the wild thyme
So that in the primal silk of your tongue
Of equal splendour to your palms
Touches me and
Seeps from the reservoir of my pen and lies in my books.
So someone will read
How disposable our lust was
How we failed to understand it constituted our flames,
Then like pitiful beings
Time passed and we now halt at the mention of us.
Just how soon does a sea turn into a swamp?


She said, come with me
There are symphonies in the highway of dreams
Where the slightest breath awakes an orchestra of love
Like fine form of gold and a double toast of ale
It’s ours to drink
She says I follow her steps
I who constantly puffed her candles in desperation
I who rose like a thread to seal her dripping heart
I who symmetrically wiped my tears
Come with me
Just come
In this path
Where we’ll fight the full throttle uncertainty that stores our happiness
With a strumming violin
We realized was the flame of our love.


She said, come with me
I want to know how you look like
Away from the noise that will disrupt my study
I don’t intend to graduate but be an eternal scholar of you
You are my raised earth and charted hills
I want to know how you think outside the realm of life
Should the debris of flowers hijack you in a desert storm,
Would you react angrily and signal a band of bandits?
In the depth of unrequition and hurl your love where I’ll find it
Or would you smile in the silence and disclose the landscape of your eyes
I have dreamt of travelling even as a vagrant to the point
You’ll restrain yourself from making love.
You still enclose me in your heart
Somewhere I’ve learnt to walk freely
And like verses, there were poems and prose
Unearthed from the shy hemisphere of my continual thesis


She said, come with me
In the vein of poetry
Who taught you to frolic when you shone as a muse?
When ink fountains made you sad and you became,
Melancholic, Reactive, Shrapnel and Radioactive
When all I saw was danger
Who taught you to shun your role?
And even in the privacy, was it the mainstream dogma?
Or the belief you read and without questioning
You stiffened like an obelisk filled with nuclear power.
Who taught you to be two oceans?
Did you think the collision would be bloody?
Before you individually ascertained who you are
How do you do that?
Become an ocean and a vessel
Why even in cluster of storms
You stand out as a
Renegade, Viper, Hurricane and a Tsunami
Did you forget how to cry?


She said, come with me
In the cathedral of our sins
Where we’ll repent to the gods of time
And promise to wake up for all the time we fought
All the time we should have learnt to disappear into each others lips
When we were caught up inside mirrors
We should have looked inside them and pondered
Who taught me to beg for love?
Who taught you to hide your pain?
Only a moment’s meditation should’ve taught us
We don’t have to fight our ghosts
We should only have let those that benefitted us grow
All the others would have died with time.
But you my love
Like a burning orchard, your seeds live in the soil
Like a double treasure find, you steep yourself as a single priceless gem
Your ingenuity of lore
Like twin birds unearthing my ore of chance
Come with me.


I’ll come with you in such ease
We belong to each other.


© Eddy Ongili 2015

PHOTO CREDITS: Murad Osmann’s “Follow Me” series of Instagram photos, the London-based photographer records his travels around the world. He creatively captures travel and romance from a first-person perspective, with his girlfriend leading the way.


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