O Ye Rascal Children!

(For all the victims of Mandera, Lamu et al, the victims of Kapedo
and all others lost in acts of terrorism, banditry, cattle rustling, land grabbing etc)


Today, the poet weeps in formless void of empathy
Rivaled by pangs of anger sought from floating quarks
Of misconstrusion dampened by helplessness.
Ah, soils of silence
Model to us the soliloquy of blood,
Of whet patronage distillating from the town-friers and criers alike.
Think tribulation, horror and a howling grim-reaper
Shriek at yellow bats plastered on a nations sullied loin-cloth
Met with the striking blow of the wind
Thus the poet shrieks, whence did we go wrong?

Sahara, we praised the lungs of resilience
Even in the whirl of incessant farts of primal vultures
As beaks knifed and forked to diseases and mild chaos,
But look at us now? An anthem of hopelessness.
Dust settled in mimicked death at our hapless push
While we probed and probed the monstrous womb of (under)development,
Then incorrigible imbalance sprouted
As floating tongues spewing our hubris of entitlement
Pithing renaissance caught our genitals
And we rubbed the intercrural valley of separation.
Thence, silence?

The wand of community cohorts castrated our giant penis
As we leapt in menstrual sacks of our in-capacities
We still deepen our shit; laugh even at our orgasmic amnesia
All along entangling corruption, tribalism, xenophobia
And unwavered sycophancy to our Stone Age leaders.
Now we gaze at our crammed life of mammoth mistakes
We created gates for our mutating enemies to stroll and toast
In our sheer pastimes of consecrating our hyped differences,
Till blood splattering, blood letting ringworms grew to dinosaurs
Hailed from our multifaceted diversity and religious putrid superiority.
We now re-seek to overwhelm God with wails of holy pain, holy eczema!
Such discomfort has caught us as we rue at the reality painfully tickling our noses
Eish, now we sneeze as disgruntled roaches
Notice the hullabaloo?

But Ye, rascal children of Kenya
Foul-mouthed, knuckled by angst in new wilting communion
Strike the malevolent Mujahideen, vanquish the desert of mourning
Billowing from the prophet-hood of religious bastardism
When did we loose Mandera, Lamu and Mombasa…?
When did we learn to deliver adages like conferring doctoral cows?
Thus cud, “give the government space, what would you do?”
Oh rascal children, why do we squirm in absoluteness of stupidity?
Again we register folly in our tribal infestation.

Enough! Enough!
Haven’t we exercised Shabab’s agenda?
Pitted in the sands subrogation scampering at bombs expansion
Of townships exclusion and regime imbalances and non-chalancy
Even in the shameful slaying of Kapedo, El Adde …
Bodies, death – scattered brains, decomposed bodies and a brutal end to life
Pontoon pieces on sand of skin wailing … accountability?
But you rascal children are moved by empty speeches and assurances
And a mountain of unrelentless ignorance of “letting it all in God’s hands”
For how long, till we learn that we can only help ourselves,
Then the sceptre of God will suffice.

Arise, shameful children, clamp the minarets of extremism
Lungful Masjids, Corrupt Churches
Come together, let’s fight
Come back Mt. Kenya, The Plateaus and the Lakes
Come back The Rift Valley, The Tuneful North and the Coastal Calmness
Come back with anvils!
We shall destroy the head of the Mujahideen, the rustlers and the bandits
Come back to the land of Were, Ngai, Nyasaye, Cheptalel and their Siblings
Come back and spit on this black flag
Behold! Behold! We can stop the corrupt system,
And arm our forces to the tip while annihilating gaps in security
We can secure our sovereignty and patriotism


UNTIL THEN we shall reek in cowardice
Throw our sea of blame in all directions
And the enemies will roam unperturbed
Until then we shall continue mourning
More will die
Until then my fellow rascals
Until then!

© Eddy Ongili 2014


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