Helen eyes glistened to the rousing of buds, achingly sweet in nostalgia. Her bedroom was draped in fine Kenyan linen that implored the presence of her strong culture. She waded through her floor as if to teem with the aridity of an innate fabric. She crafty enjoyed life having perfected the art of ignorance because to her knowledge was the advancement of misery but this time it was different. Helen sat as a log on the rocking chair she had insisted on bringing to the city deep in the suburbs of Ruai. She reminisced on the passion and pleasure she had had when her humble lover consistently blessed her garden of love.
Helen was a mysterious woman; mightily beautiful, her yes zoomed the universe into her clear white eyes, her nose had a slight sharpness that made her suitors back in the home compose evenly flowery praises that made the humble atmosphere sneeze drizzles to complement a thunderstruck couple longing for love. Despite the normal life difficulties, everything was running smooth for her. But then there was Charles. Helen suddenly shifted and she thought,
“Of all the men I have been with, why haven’t I been able to forget him? Is it the way he kisses or is humility his most admirable trait?
(Loudly) Why?
She adjusted her robe that had now wandered way past her thighs, evenly revealing her aromatic flesh that roamed as insulated electric mega-watts while her fingers rested upon the shores of a pleasurable ocean. She shut her eyes and felt advancing flesh part way past her
“Charles! Charles! Charles!”
Birds were now jealous of her songs as she hanged desperately on the stem of starvation. Humping deeply while vertically arousing the bolts of the rocking chair from their slumber. Her face twisted with sparks of pain and pleasure but she didn’t stop, she dug rhythmically till her body shook like a disgruntled leaf.
Helen opened her eyes to a new world and she wasn’t surprised at how her surrounding worked together to nurse her loneliness. Suddenly, a cold jilted strip of wind blew inside her abode rousing her thoughts.
“I need help, she shrieked”
“It is becoming a habit and I am afraid I am loosing myself”
Helen stared into an empty space next to her dressing drawer and uncontrollably shed gallons of tears. She then walked towards the bathroom plodding as if she had stepped on a sharp object or maybe she had beats of soliloquized drums thrusting in the desert of desolation.
“(Sobbing) this isn’t me, mutters Helen while disrobing herself and stepping into the shower that to her hurtled to whip her into repentance of her wayward ways..
She showered abnormally quickly as if her bones wanted to sprint from her callous house. Everything is running quick today, Helen thought. Minutes later Helen picked her keys and rammed her house door shut, she didn’t look ack. She dashed for her sleek red corolla that she wildly named “Thompson”
She was late!
Her boss had scheduled her for a presentation on the company’s new project that the management had dubbed “The Blockbuster”. It was the “tornado” that was meant to shake the business scene in Kenya before rolling out regionally and hopefully internationally. The blockbuster was a programme designed to actively pursue cyberspace users in a highly thought out marketing professionalism that sought among other things to foster consumers preference well before they developed.
“Thompson, please don’t let me down, shrieks Helen
Thompson, you are to blame she mutters while hissing furiously at the Tuk-Tuk that farts incessantly while the traffic police hold the gridlock in the Donholm roundabout. Her eyes squint to her watch.
“30 minutes and I am fucked, she shouts while administering jabs to her steering wheel releasing countless hooting from the other drivers who are seemingly annoyed at her brazen attitude.
(Phone rings)
Her eye stretches lazily towards the phone lying on the next seat. It looks strange; she can’t remember changing the cover.
(Milly calling)
“Hey Hun, Helen whispers”
“I am not okay, Milly responds from the other end. You should be here already you have a presentation in the next … next 26 minutes and you should be doing the last check-ins”
“I will be there; Helen almost shouts and hangs up”
Traffic soon starts moving and her only worry is that Jogoo road would be a mess. She steps on the accelerator and Thompson swerves, overtakes and hisses at the maneuvers. As if the gods has bent in submission to her anger and anxiety the road is partly clear and moving. Her mind makes a quick calculation and she will arrive just in the nick of time. Helen snakes Thompson onto Landhies road, then Haile Sellasie Avenue heading towards Uhuru highway round about. She flames heading to Upper Hill.
The Pace-Setters, a blue-chip company located on the side of the towering Rahimitulla towers, grazed the ground with its impeccable consciousness to the environment. Its green landscape added to its already outstanding credentials as a SMART company.
“Helen hoots”
Omwami runs to open the gate admiring the curves of Thompson while smiling sheepishly at Helen as she drives past him.
Omwami knew she wasn’t okay because she never crossed the gate without exchanging niceties. He shakes his head.
Helen strolls beyond the reception while holding her dog tag by her hands while her laptop and files are squeezed in her left arm. She exudes confidence and she almost stops when she sees Milly waiting for her at the lift section.
Charles was meeting Atieno for a date, something he had yet to figure out since he agreed to it. He had countlessly thought how could people go on love dates on a Friday morning, he had contemplated rescheduling but yielded to it since his workmate and buddy Steve had agreed to cover up for him. He whipped his old Peugeot that he had acquired months ago by hire purchase and was still paying for from his house in Muthaiga and drove to the CBD. “Thika Superhighway was impressively clear at 9 am,” Charles thought.
“Atieno is beautiful and has striking qualities, he thought”
“Maybe she could help me forget Helen
“Helen … Helen … Helen “Charles adjusted himself on the wheel and took a sharp corner on Moi Avenue headed towards java coffee house for a sumptuous breakfast date. He was hungry considering he had fried two eggs yester night which he washed with a cup of tea.
He found an open space and parked. Adjusted his cufflinks and swaggered into the building. Atieno was beaming and as he approached her he thought she was the most beautiful being he had ever met. Her smile melted his heart.
“Hey darl … Atieno started”
Charles almost ran to her and hugged her tight
Atieno was amused!”
After they were seated and had exchanged pleasantries, they ordered.

“I like their cappuccino, Charles marvels”
“Me too, but I am a sucker for green tea, Atieno counters”
“Green tea? Charles teases
“Yes it is surprisingly therapeutic, coos my problems to a surprising halt”
They laughed and talked for awhile constantly peering into each others eyes.
Charles felt he was deeply attracted to her.
He gazed creatively at her soft mound of flesh smiling on Atieno chest. Her cleavage seemed to tell him

“Hey Charles, you like them”
What? Who, me? Well of course”
“Then come and say hi”
“Huh! But that would be weird and considering we’re in public”
“Don’t you like us, they implored”
“Ha ha ha, Charles laughed out loud”
Atieno who was mathematically attacking here bacon and sausages looked up at him and asked
“What is funny?”
“Nothing beautiful just thought of this dream that I have been having”
“What is it about?”
“I have been dreaming, relentlessly about us having something together”
“Like a relationship”

(Charles clears throat and leans forward)

“Well, something close to that but I was thinking of us massaging our feet”
Atieno bursts out laughing
“You are funny, I love you”
Suddenly, it was all clear there was a strong attraction that they felt to each other. Charles held her hands
“Let’s try this beautiful”

(Atieno only nodded while smiling strongly)

Charles glanced at her then scanned the room for the waiter. He summoned for the bill, paid and proudly thundered “kunywa soda.” They arose from their seats and walked shoulder to shoulder towards the exit. Charles made towards his car and Atieno followed silently. He opened the door for her and once she was seated, grinned and shut the door. He returned to the wheel rubbing his hands. He jerked the Peugeot into motion and both were lost in their thoughts, conscious of what was going to happen next.


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