The Ballad of Fatwa (IV)

“What happened to me?”

Praise tongues fall in the empty halls of my soul
Clouds gather, God speaks – silence!
It sings, I have been peaceful, not orally
Yet. I have diced tokens into woeful premises,
It has to me sang uncomposed from my dry lips
Shun glorification of altars and robes.
I rock in menial liturgy, lost in my thoughts,
Then I ask
Haven’t I sought life from trembling roots?
Dug the poetry of imperfection
Into my rectitude
But, I am on a journey,
Thus, I dressed fatwa.

Wealthy flock, must I relent further
Bomb hills at Al-Aqsa to uncover the doom of life,
Sink the whet rooms of pontifical authority
And it shall be known that I shut at the defense of religion.
Fatwa poet of lyrical composure
Fatwa poet of harmony,
Fatwa poet of soil modeled into abeyance of humanism
Rolled in the charge of insulated blessings shooting as quarks of benevolence.
The smooth symphony of celestial violins.
The whistling poet, the composers of the orchestra’s anthem,
A declaration that infinity should adapt.

Ere, infancy bombarded our innocence and conscience
Locked in the scrolls and stones we collected our thoughts,
As Amir-Al-Akwa, words aided our chaotic self
Rammed in the policies of our kinsmen in the counter explosion of poetry.
Fatwa, what was the reaction of God
Vile as regal, Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,
Due blessings were plucked from the intestines of time
Formed from blood peeping from the shards of heavens menstrual window.
Fatwa, did infinity electrons occupy the toes of God
That when he ambled, he lost the elementary substructure
Or was it a cataclysmic force that stole his form?

The sheath of death awaits me, in dark or light
Beautiful shifts, did you declare the boundaries of purpose
Did Allah instruct humans boo shun the fellowship of poets
Was it a slip of tongue or an emotional reactionary state?
As we slaughtered camels in the caves of Bedouin
Was there harkens in the scrotum in heaven?
In our angular momentum of conquests
Was it an intrinsic revelation and did God endorse such
Or he left us to our means?

But I solemn to chaos fatwa,
Even in the foothold of my emptiness and soulful inadequacy.
I shut at the voluminous chants of praise
Clustered in hymnal prayers, I tremble as shit.
I am a companion of nature
For I realize, peace and silence lurk around me.
Thence, as a rattling wave function,
Did God leap in antisymmetric bounds, shattering in infinity?
Where does the truth lie and is it a chorus
Whose words castrate evil in the loophole of life?

If I am the timeless disapproval of the hikmah sought from the clergy
If I am the poetry that enjoins fatwa to similitude of hope,
Let it be known that I digressed from the chroniclers of the holy texts.
Let it be shown that I sought earthly phenomena in my magnetic clasp of life
And I was centered by my gravitational cause of harmony.
Fatwa, like stratum dogma – I reckon the geology of fundamental units of worship.
Fatwa, like subatomic sands of time – I lie in the theology of truth
But fatwa, what is the truth?

Fatwa, delusions and fragmented positions massage my jugular
Thus fatwa, how does God sing?
I bid depart to my scavenged knowledge
Formed from scratching chapters in my cathedral of sin.
I bid depart to my seething contempt
And wonder, did God do the same to me?
Because, behold the gush of minarets in the tempestuous voices of Adhan
Behold the deafening screech of speakers twirled in rumbling voices of church vaults.
I bid depart, fatwa!

© Eddy Ongili 2014

All Rights Reserved


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