I desire to make your skin flame to the air of fire,
I long for the tender cycle of your love to cover me,
I pray that this stubborn ink – supplements your image.
You are the fingers continuously perusing my body.
You’ve sank deep in me, that I’m armored by your sensuality,
I take pleasure in sketching your art on the canvas of my system,
I’m fully covered by your teachings on breathing – Balancing timidly on rosy petals

You call me your beloved, the calm, mild beast
I’m taken by your alluring ascension of ale and alabaster,
Deeply interwoven by your beautiful twin birds that awaken your bard-intonation.
I’m entranced by your bud of surreal features,
Intently, my companion of seductive connotations.
I taste your parted lips, the silken flurry of emotions.
I lie once again at your infallible elevation,
You are my direction as visions of mysterious destinations.

This moment is creamed by your whipped tongue,
Depleting off my energy while your skin rushes to cover me.
I worship your arrogant desires enveloping me whole,
I crave to eat you whole like a gasp of air.
You are the perfection pillow that swallows my salacious penetration,
So much that the promised dance of infinity is birthed in our bed.
Your hunger-score thighs marvelously accept me,
And without any primal disturbance, I sink into the future.
I whisper at love’s tongue – insatiable and fulfilling,
Achingly delighting at your African supremeness.


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