The Veil of My Unspoken!

The token of memory encloses me and it spreads away,
The clouds kiss the lands, in their wailing lament,

Rummaging like the hands of a hungry man,
The running ground opens up my constant death.

Unpollinated virgin flowers chorus my unpaired eulogy,
Even heavenly stands pour their dismay inform of hailstorms and glares,

And in me the mixture of torture chambers and pain throttled, dig.
Oh motionless abyss, cultured coach of my pain,

Oh queen of the magi, the ralling call for persuasion.
It was your constant sight into the boundless horizon,

For in rapid steps you trampled any breath I had left,
From you the squeals of the ducks, refrained.

You rose tenderly and passionately, like trees.
Like the morning birds, like the sun. You kept walking.

Even this length between us, you unthoughtfully nurtured,
Still turbulent kisses that the stars heaped on me, in you they froze.

The golden chariots of feathery palms, the calming effect I craved dearly,
The unending rush of water on a rocked meander,

Vigorous as ever, love kept me at bay.
The minutes peddled smoke into me, the seconds blew fire,

In the cemented grief that stitched all over me, a drop of life whimpered!

The nights in pools of bloodied words, the haunted desire,
Oh woman of my dreams, you let sorrow lance its way to the ends of my soul.

Constrictions blazed in me and in you everything froze.
I made shadows and ghouls my friends,

As if desire of the flesh livened, you gave birth to winter,
There was an indefinable aching, an imminent splash of reality,

There were words, the proverbial seduction and you accepted me,
There were moments and lust and your lips spread me naked.

Ah girl. On the sacrificial table you gave me hope but tied me tight,
The golden heaven of your eyes, in the milky river of your hands,

How useless and normal was my love for you,
How infant and terrible was my yearning for you.

You ploughed my garden of desire, the silent raging fires.
Oh motionless abyss, you swallowed everything!

Was there something you hid, maybe a star’s answer to my sorrow …
You danced in the ether and in mirage of my unfurling ink.

Oh lovely, you were the enclosing waves, the pattern of feathered birds,
From the mist that you breathed, oh the wall you planted,

In you everything froze and did it hit you that I was dying,
Still you ploughed and paid no valor for my drained vessels,

Oh motionless pit, oh stiff driver, you took everything from me.

My life turned into fractured fetters of grief,
In you everything froze, you pushed ice blocks in my throat,

But I relay it unto you, oh power of my soul,
Shall I continue weeping, my anguish torments me!

The hanging skies, painted in apathetic grayish discontent,
Hazy downpour romantisizing my moist grave,

I am inconsolable, oh you passionately squeezed life out of me.
A cluster of ringed fires burst into the obssesive fluids that maul me.

You might have bit me, but I was the one in need it seems,
How sickening were the words of love from me to you,

How silly was my percieved knowledge of words.
I sail towards nowhere in flamed candles, away.

Hoping that some hole in the ocean will swallow me completly!
It was a big reality blur heaped on me by some god.

I gave you words I couldn’t write – colored tears that held my fabric,
All the fountain of things undone, a strange comfort.

I gave you all the words unsieved from my heart,
And love unearthed from the womb of my soul,

You however insisted on clipping my wings and hammering any possibilities.
All I searched for were your towering and fruitful kisses,

You lynched me with your coldness and in you everything froze!

© Eddy Ongili


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