The Funeral of Passion!

Pools of black memories entertain crystal blurness,
Hungry clouds disrupt immortal desires with vapid intensity,
Bloodshot pain dances its stubborn feet with seduction,
Red crimson carnage whistles nocturnal shades.
Solemn moments at heaven’s feet feeds my solace,
My morbid loneliness arouses my ritual craving.
Over deep sighs and enclosed passions, night shouts!
Amber chills of a motionless lover imbibes me,
Icy dominion of russet kiss succumbs to divinity,
While I only seek beauty in my quest for love.

I inhale starving warmth and laugh at my echoless wails,
Thrones of crucified hope annoint my religious emptiness.
I rule the battlefields of indestructible fallen tears,
I taste ethereal shadows and quiver at my soul’s melancholia,
Still thrills of sensual escape rummage through my gnawing body.
I slide from the fingers of hell shimmering dusty blackness,
My existence is an illusion just as the dependence of satisfaction.
I channel my demons to throttle my life and slay angels,
Even as orgasmic ripples pull me into squirming tongues.
Wet teasing of splinter surrenders hasten my depature.

Clutching pulsating spurts of holy grail euphoria stills me,
Phantom thunders paint the dappled talons I dress in,
Silence greets me in my sentimental wounds of tarnished desires.
Eternal mists of death comfy couch embraces my fears,
Horrid bitterness springs in my faded chase,
And gloom decorates the cracked trails of my feet.
There is flesh in these screaming skeletons,
Just that mortal eyes mix what they see and then believe.
On this winding path filled with noble shovels, I dust my eye,
If only to see madness overlapping my rotten heart.

© Eddy Ongili


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