The Echoes of Lament!

With shadows unbound and desperation untamed,
I search among spangled winds, the wings of soar,
You are the gentle strength, the rock of my happiness.
Freedom hungers around me, I yearn to be the skin of your lips,
I crave for the rushing anticipation which boils my cry,
Around; here, here – the tokens of a sunlit field.
The motionless pit, I keep falling,
As if embers were remniscent of my incessant dying,
Through blue tanned walls, boundless and enticing,
I long for the calm in your eyes, oh my beloved,
But you oh belle, you are the moon
And I am the dark patches that liven with your brilliance.
Oh most pure, you are the sun,
And I am the witness of your power, oh my pedestal.
My love you are the golden nymphet angel, the drops of alabaster,
And I am the student of your perfection,
oh shining masterpiece.
I roam in search of your whisper, I listen for the sound of your tears.
The priceless jewel, the age of summer you exhibit.
I agonize over diluted symphonies, the prayers I chant on my trudge.
Oh belle, the glistening marble skin, the vacant brown eyes,
And I am the passenger light, I want to travel endlessly in your eyes.

A million words, the sceptre that revolves around you,
The fiery kisses, the emptiness within.
Ah! a million blood droplets still won’t kill me.
Oh beloved, the firm steel, the flames of hope,
You are the silent mountain, the raging shades of honey,
The silver crowned maiden, oh most worthy.
My battle dream queen, the reflective ocean of glass,
The deathless grace, the fulsome girl of my life,
Truthful tairen, mage that plows my heart.
I camp for love, when cold chews my blistered feet,
But an immortal deluge in your fancies keeps me going.
On colored winds, oh belle you set the clouds on fire,
Fly away oh valiant soul, the lyres and magic spell,
Though I wait for you and my salted heart wails.
I dream of of the crystal violin sounds, the
I dream of erapture and words untangled, yes –
Still if possibility could impregenate impossibility – I hold on.
I dream of you and dance the sorrowful lament of my soul,
That blossoms and withers, I await your assurance,
You triumph over godly springs, you are the honor in the song.

© Eddy Ongili


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