But Oh Muse … Ah, Belle!

I falter, stumbling on smiles birthed as lighting shadows,
Bequeath me oh belle; you twirl in such majestic infallibility.
Do not desert me, I plead my desperate case,
I look upon the glorious heaven heels, the lands you kiss
Rapid catafalques pour desire into me – I know I am dying.
I am aggravated, I want to hold you,
The things I do to see your glory, the wide nostalgia that bathes me.
See, life has never been the same since I met you,
And though you’ve killed my advances swiftly, I still breathe.
Oh pervading mamacita, I’ll still chase you.
I scale the crusts, the empyreal agonizing
But I fall on clouds, whales chew my tears,
I can’t understand why I am so empty without you.
Pain rolls in me, pouring venom that bites into the smallest vein of my soul.
Chagrin; the waves of indestructible chagrin lies me down,
My precious inspiration, oh divine Carmencita,
The unshakable reprieve, the arch muse of my soul,
Oh most worthy, the ink that writes my future,
How am I to survive without you, oh my charmante muse.
The enlightment of my soul, the starlight of the magi,
I wail eternally, I desperately need you!

I recall the movements when the sun and moon hugged,
The teary splash of achievement when love skirted around us,
Even for a moment, I felt those jolting daffodils eclipse me.
The feathery touch of heaven doors that aroused my yearning,
Still provoking sights and words, the indefinable aching.
Where are you belle, I see you near but I can’t touch you.
I feel the warmth deserting your body, but I am so cold,
I am the apparition of despair, the falling ground
But you tingle, oh Taj mahal, the mighty Nile,
The towering Himalayan, the perfect repertoire.
Ah! please kill me completly!
I want to die in your arms knowing I couldn’t have you
Hurt me! Oh hurt me! Hurt me completly!
It has ceased being your fault – but why don’t you see?
I murmur awake, walk and shout asleep.
I complain … I am stuck in this labyrinth of emotions,
I am soon to be rendered useless and my last pint will be to watch you smile.
I used to kiss the winds; remember when I
jumped on stars,
But now without you and your constant unresponse,
Your stiffness and fenced personality, shakes me.
I love you Emseralda, my mighty muse!

© Eddy Ongili


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