Medusa Unchained

Paranormal tinge of purple-red fields,
Grown from the sands of ages, fine and mature,
Drifting in furious sensuality.
Tangling with blue luxurious twists of evanescence.
I die in her venomous gaze.
Palm tree shields, the token of her beauty.
She administers classical antiquity to shine my artillery,
Naked in leashes that throws Aphrodite in an inglorious battle.
A fair sleave ravingly, panolpy in the footprints of her sway.
I bond to the shades of immortality, craving for fusion with the sea.

From her whipped tongue, she justifies her cave,
Implants heaving in my system and droplets of saliva.
Adonis perpetuates the adventure by striking swooning petals,
And the sirens purpose to charter lights to gather her twin pendulums.
Her drifting behavior, collects olive oil in her fortress.
While she plays childish games with my knob.
Identical and identical, I dwell in her cave.
Athena falls from her cage madly,
While Medusa breathing grasps the helm of potency,
Squirting on freckles of her godly orgasm.

Medusa, Oh my cultus goddess,
Misunderstood for dread yet aloft in sweetness.
You form coral beddings which throws
Perseus to tantrums.
I could gravitate myself in her clime,
Have her decorate me with silver snakes,
Then strike Aphrodite’s glass and shout Medusa loose,
For Apollo watches disturbed by Zeus silence.
But I marvel on her strutting, dishabelle in leafy gowns,
Gaze buried in her swell, lemurs on my tasty buds,
And Medusa roams free.

© Eddy Ongili 2014


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