Poetry god


I’m lyin’ here like
Standard verses fallin’ from chakra,
Rockin’ democracy with my left toe.
Call me Ahmed Fouad,
R.I.P mate.
Look, could you pull a strand off Sadat’s head?
I’m poppin’ pills venerating the tenets,
Like Kalima, I burst …
Subhanallahe Wal Hamdulilahi,
Wa Laa illah illal Loho Wallahookbar.

I dorn the Ankh, my rosary
Revolution in my being.
I pour my harm at the feet of Ma’at,
Shift accordingly through poetic menopause.
Angelou left; still I would kill to look in her eyes,
The world is watching, I’m rising and failing
I extol the magnificence vernacular of my chronicles,
Stripped from the Arabian desert, like …
Subhanallehe Wal Hamdulilahi,
Wa Laa Hamill illal Loho Wallahookbar.

War on my mind,
Like unicorns blazing hot – I’m weak.
I collaborate with dissidents – I’m hurt.
Guns blazing, shit they slit throats.
Incantations, I masturbate like watching naked news!
Flower rhythms, Baghdad thighs
I wanna ride Mona Helmey and fill her feminist mind with music like Tahrir square,
Then ruin like Gaza, before saluting Imam Eissa,
Wheeling on the dome, fluting in orgasm – here louder
Subhanallahe Wal Hamdulilahe
Wa Laa ilaha illal Loho Wallahookbar.

I’m here,
Rebuilding prophesies like I’m the god at Giza.
I confuse my pen because I’m the fountain.
Nile paints my canvas and I line up for worship.
If belief was substantial,
Then I would hang it on my neck.
Now I pour out in the streets in the hope of storing glory,
But I’m a stone in a muddy ocean,
So I keep rolling where I lie,
Waiting for minarets from Adhan, hungry like …
Subhanalle Wal Hamdulilahe
Wa Laa ilaha illal Loho Wallahookbar.

The burden of witness,
Seizes my blasphemy and my scepter undresses completely,
Rocking flames and swords.
Extremists purge.
The prize I pay for seducing poetry by its teeth.
Do I write more than humanity genes?
Forgive me myself god.
So I sit up like Imhotep in Louvre, listening …
God is not democratic!
Speakers …
Subhanalle Wal Hamdulilahe
Wa Laa ilaha illal Loho Wallahookbar.

© Eddy Ongili 2014



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