She’s Fire

She's Fire

She blasts amble carnal from the idle air,
Down to her bare skin admist the shinning aura of her thighs,
She calls arising stains that toil around the sun,
And hurls them to smother my immoral thirst.
Sometimes I wander on the grounds of her brain as I grope for light,
Each blink she purchases from her soul to bless me with,
Contrasts her dancing cells and magnifies her divinity.
Her violet stares, bloom lilac flames and strangles the cold,
She pleads on hollow wings and inflicts desperation with tenderness,
Even as confessions unites her earthly frame to magic.

She burns with trickles of mystique and bloody entrails,
She bathes me in the future and words are my greatest undoing.
Passion growls inside and caresses darkness with seduction.
I go on from shades and drown deeply in her limitless spell,
She entangles sexual appeal and speckled high walls of neglect,
She hangs me like old wine-skins on strings laced with pearls,
And her poetic wonders tease my emptiness with mystical burns.
I yearn to mold her in my palms and eat her whole,
Like the coral winds, like blushes of waves, she portrays sunrise,
She gleams and rows in the pools of my imagination.

I crave to be the tingles in her skin, that she would feel me pricking,
I pray to be her illusion to perfect the rhythms of her soul,
I stumble on honey-drops of her ripeness as she sighs.
She fuels my blood with pounding heat on defenseless butter.
I need gentle whiffs to shatter me into pieces across each inch of her body.
One would lick her footsteps, to decay at the thirst but have something from her.
Desires infuses fascination enamored in lust,
Yet I hunger to explore her contours, those enticing creatures,
That immortal heat, she burns me into submissiveness.

© 2014


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