Ode To A Beautiful Nude!

Ode To A Beautiful Nude!

From the molding steps of your feet that dapple the ground with brazing hues,
To splitting twists of your neon hair that waltzes and chokes the air with magical tunes,
The topography of your shoulders skirts itself in my lines,
And with divine music, the mauve of
your eyes seperates the earth’s blanket.
You go ahead to tame the moon and have its brilliance meet your fingers. The perfume of your body joins eternity to the soil,
And with each sigh that you release,
flowers beam.
Upon spume purple seeds, you gallop when you wave your hands,
Saturn rinses Jupiter with salted hope to marvel at your twins,
Beaming with the full splendor of nature, you dance.

Art, your naked skin rushes to paint my canvases with infinity,
While shy hemispheres of your body reaches for the sun.
You gracefully surrender brine voices which call you from the horizon.
The fire of your fortress surrenders me to gripping chills and wonders, Your legs, the fabric of your innate beauty,
The watered lilies, your breath rests
its head on a line of warmth.
You glow in light,
Surrendering ale to tightened grips of your movements,
You crown passion and pleasure,
And carve yourself out of unrelenting waterfalls.

You rise as the African corners unblemished and spotless,
While your hands run down your chest as the Nile river,
Separating yourself with an eternal
line that opens at your suffocating
You rest your head on the clad red and black soils,
That joyfully chant of your avid hills that sway majestically on your back,
Then calling for god’s concentration
as your pure form matches to none.
The loud drops of your breezing yawn
puts nature in action,
As grapes ears and berries dome
fight to feed you.
Oh naked beauty, oh resplendent naked
beauty …
You outgrow the universe brilliance as
it rests in your hands.

#Partly inspired by Neruda’s “An Ode To A Naked Beauty”

© Eddy Ongili


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