Ah! Mama Africa.

Ah! Mama Africa.

Pores; life from the soils,
Vastness is spread –
From pines to boa-bobs.
Ah! the steam of the Sahara.

I marvel at the silent winds,
The tropical heat and cold dressed in
Stronger and magical.
With hither to thither bustling smiles.

Rivers mingle with rocks,
The ambiance frenzy tickles fantasy.
The flavored weather, the surf in the
Equally steamed are people with
Oh the primal complexities, oh the
future needs.
Mama Africa, the living mother of light.
Upon us, the curved surfaces,
The plenitude of life, Ah the purity.

Compassion sees you trudging on,
Sometimes there is grime, pain
Oft presented in fury in leash.
You tremble from the blood that whines.

Misrepresented and framed in melancholia,
From ignorance belated time and
Ah! but your persistence,
The growth – steps and crawls.
Now Africa, the ore of resonating
Bask for your children toil and sweat.

Oh Africa, beckoning greatness,
Pour light and whiplash negative vices.
It’s a dying day, it’s a working dawn
Oh the plenitude, Ah the thunderer.

© Eddy Ongili


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