Satin deluge!

Satin deluge!

I breathe light waves of crimson pearls,
Drops of lighting chew away dewy darkness,
As she topples the full moon and virgin apples.
I hunger upon her silken moist skin and it spreads to my feet, twitching.
Dressed in precious natural oils and entwined in splendor,
Tenderness strangles me with each sound she makes,
While skin greetings give birth to violin whispers in immortal desire.
I find portal divines as our tongues torment each other in this passionate war.
She straddles and aches as I hear the rhythmic calling,
Of wondrous delights upon her satin sphere.

Knot spills of hunger, lament over unreeling stares,
I watch as her as the ballet of her chest rushes to map the world on me,
Sated touches of her woolly palms paint my body,
As nocturnal probing of my pulsating tower wails for joining,
She puppets it with intoxicated spirits, like waves.
In the greed for escape, glistening ecstasy and sight seeing,
I scamper to my knees only to find her satin sphere in obscure prayers.
With humid intensity, I launch an offensive as I listen to the songs of mercy,
Potent bliss pumps my burning tower and I shift before I collapse.

A thousand angels parade for the awakening dance,
Like wharves of yearning, like scarce night visibility,
The mad coupling of fire aided by soothing violin voices.
I throb the mouth of heaven as she fills me with oblivion.
She twirls to gather ancient secrets and rhythmical bending.
She blows lilac flames upon this pool of soaked embers,
She launches another attack on my back with pruning nails,
As the peaks of thrusting welcomes her to quivers.
Like the hands of time, I deluge in her fantasy,
As we rake in this sphere of blessings.

© Eddy Ongili 2013


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