On a misfortune threshing floor, my skull deformed, Gigantic pestles grind my isolated hope, Dismembered sutures explode in wanton shrills, Castigating muses presence, unearthing disaster. Doubt creeps in me, unstoppable and scathing.

Osiris beckons my weary soul, his teeth rattling, But I must hold onto life, be birthed in potsherds, As my purgatory emerges from the sands I crawl on, My soul suddenly glistens as Horus moving in dominance, Death won’t win, I will break its invicible chord.

Unperceivable torment burns me like molten sulphur, I arise from my imminent destruction as trees howl at me, Set’s brutality and destruction; a contemptuos god, Devours my soul, defiant of my pleas for life I will rise admist this turbulence that shakes me.

Incensed at this cosmic alienation – Aghast! My emotions exploding as volcanic eruptions, This time my life is mine to defend – A realization! I’ll hold firm to the sanctity of life and doubt won’t deter me. I am the dynamite, one Isis would be scared off.

Vindictive savages roam in me inform of questions Fawning to destabilise my fabric, an insidious harm! Oh the doubts; your hypocritical nature won’t kill me, The scepter to my life will defend me as Excalibur, And this war is mine to win – a personal resolve!

Eddy Ongili 2013


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