As often as much, I sit down and wonder,
Musing and meditating on your innate beauty,
Which words up to now have been unable to define.
Your mystique enthralls me as much as it awes me.
I’ve laid on grounds in yonder clutching firmly at my chest,
As pounds upon pounds of movements have typified me.
I have seen chaste birds prophesying on the strength,
Of this ours a love that though invisible, has shone
Upon star lights on the gentle sky, moon-lit as ever.
Brilliance in itself has exalted my desires to hold you.
Because your charming eyes have drowned me completely.
It has been long and I’d rather wallow in there than live out here.
Though constrictions have haunted me at times,
At the sight of owls demanding a piece of my token,
I have held on, counting mine wishes to the millions,
Of this love that I bountifully want to share with you.
The tidal turnings of the sea water have sufficed to comfort me,
And wrens have been my able companions – serenading me!
I never realized love’s power till I felt you sigh,
till I saw the movement of your lips and infinity of your hands.

Till I beheld the characteristic Aphrodite’s hair upon you,
As your eyes stroked as wings of angels.
I couldn’t help it as I fell hopelessly in love,
It chased me dear and no matter my denial living and bigotry,
It proved astounding to know that finally a hermit me had fallen in love.
Your love tore through my labyrinth lenses and made it all clear.
However, as abundant as it is within and around me,
Just like the deathless air we breathe, it is invisible.
I can’t hold it no more as the sun’s glare boils it,
the moon’s majestic prudence, flatters it.
As meek as I thought I was, when love came along I had to obey.
You arrived almost timely, maybe in my dreamy thousand nights.
I could behold as I savored on times I’ve spent beside you.
Lingering close to your soul, I vehemently wished I could get in,
And build a home, yes a habitable home.
My imagination has taken me places, my lovely friend –
ours it became as some indefinable forces engrave it in my heart
“It has to be you! It has to! Yes it’s you!” – I have said uncountable times to myself.
I’ve beseeched the Lord Almighty to shine on me,
The wisdom to decipher what goes in your heart and mind – so I can be supremely crowned.
Revolting passions have made me a vagrant of this land.

As love propels me to skies I believe you reside,
Mine all has turned into ours as this pounding feeling,
Urges, controls and affects me to use all I had as ours.
You’ve become as me as my heart and mind have made me believe.
Sparkling moments and inspiring thoughts have made me smile, as I can’t help seeing us holding hands and laughing together.
This world is ours my chaste beauty.
My breath has become your breath, ours this life.
My soul has become your soul, ours everlasting love.
My thoughts wired on your train of thought, ours this realization.
As my blood bares your marks to the billions,
I can’t be separated from you, love made it so.
Because even when I write you this; am sure we dream the same.
We’ve kept to ourselves secrets that once overshadowed our ability,
But I hope as you read this, you’ll see how I’ve laid it all out to you.
Love strangles me sometimes and I get weary and worried,
What if it turns to unrequited love?
I’ve held my ground though that doubtful questions won’t spoil me.
You are the person I love, so deeply almost unimaginable.
Plumes of assurances have clouded my world as much as your smiles,
And the rain has fallen on me and made me warm with passion.

I have strolled lazily, sighed without warning.
As I took time to be alone just to feel the pleasure of thinking about you.
It’s been a worthwhile feeling am not willing to let go.
Lyres upon lyres have helped me sing a hundred songs.
All dedicated to you and this feeling of ours.
As the pine tree, we’ll be forever green and tall,
With nothing to overshadow our now strong resolve,
I want to count your fingers and kiss them,,
I want to hold you and listen to the enchanting messages of your eyes
So pure and per se angelic attributes – I need you.
I hope you’ll never be bored reading through this heart pouring confession,
More of an admission to the strength it has developed in me,
Oh my forever kind beauty, now that we know it’s real,
Will I be able to kiss you? Because I admit am ready to live
my dreams and imagination till I place my lips on yours.
Haunt me, for that makes me livened as I’d rather have nightmares,
Than beautiful dreams without you – It burns me my dear.
And only you can quench this thirst of your love that I have.
I will never tire writing you poems to celebrate you,
I need you as certain things need water; for the tongue’s survival depends on saliva…
You are my saliva and vice-versa,
Help me taste this great fruit of love my dearest flower.
© Eddy Ongili 2013


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