The proverbial angel incarnate 
She sits at the throne akin to thou’s perfection 
More so in the case of love and care 
Beauty and brains, she carries it all 
Humbleness and honesty; companions to her soul 

The essence of humankind 
The epitome of a mindful heart 
The Woman 

I praise her for her deliberations 
Her constant afflictions, which she dares much to 
The whisker of pain, from the ocean that’s her eyes 
She deprives hate and pain the ability to stand 

I am endeared to her; the woman 
Who is bright and wise 
Who shines the duty that is bestowed upon her 
She nutures, feeds and educates 
She loves, cries, smiles and hugs 
She upholds the care of our Lord and Father 
She is in nature, a priceless jewel 

I hail the woman 

Who is the ingredient for the perfect recipe who is 
concerned about her character and seeks to 
enfranchise the mystique of herself as a woman 

Whom the mythical Gaea is her perfect apparition, 
for in someway she resembles the mother goddess 
in being a queen 

Whom some cheap nail polish dosent make her 
pretty but her words and actions voices her heart 
as beautiful 

Whom the principles of honesty and submission 
reflects her dignity and earns her respect for being 
the noble woman in the niche of society 

The Woman 

She has the timbre to comfort 
Her tier supercedes the typical lass on the street 
For she is indeed gratifying to a man who sees her 
as a queen 
‘Cause she respects herself and upholds her 

© Eddy Ongili 2013


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