I am a lecher and poetry is my lolita 
My masturbation of self draws my wits 
Yes, I have tried buggery 
On my poetic incantations and recitations 
O lolita how fine are your thighs 
When I caress with my jotting tongue 
I am a pervet 
I am more of a desire 
I don’t make love, I rub thighs 
I am a lecher, I love your labia O my lolita 
Where Aphrodite’s divinity succumbs to my 

O lolita 
You are my beautiful mamacita 
Poetic masturbation prepares me to fertilise you 
I wanna cum on your breasts 
And drink your juice 
I’m a lecher and my lolita never sleeps without me 
shaking her 

© Eddy Ongili 2013 


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