My country; are we shut out
Bathing at the foothills of menial insubordination
Catapulting our resolves in yonder – but refusing to walk
As we stroke life with gross complaints of “we want this and that”
We long for abundance – we loose it daily
We struggled to crawl albeit unwillingly but we covered some distances
Rooms fitted with candles we camped in
Praying and fasting
Kenya we had to be free – free from our minds
Out depravity shook our minds
In this a scourged land – we labored to be great
Not with holding our purpose for we claimed we had a strong one

Jilted passions led us to our compatriot’s bedrooms
We led a life of miscalculation and ignorance
For how could we have it all?
We were supposed to share amongst ourselves but we got greedy
Some laid siege upon the murky waters of Victoria and robbed our fish
Others camped at the highlands and deeply mutilated our lands
How could we be free yet we hanged loose
My country; are we shut

Carnal impudence shamed our existence
As we couldn’t stop our misogynist appetite
We raped a sister and murdered a brother
Plundered and squandered our resources
We rejoiced at our misgivings. Ahem
We longed for reconciliation. Yay
We breathed animated murmurs. Anxious
We searched for light. We had none
Our misdirected energy stalled our nation
The mangrove ridges awakened our mouths
We had songs of griots commanding out tongues to lash
The tokens we received from nature – how could we be so ungrateful
We had Simba and Mamba
Also elephants and strange ants
We had our survival with others
But our ignorance to the struggles our forefathers cost us a lot
Putrid weakness engulfed our thinking
Gross habits and rocky minds cemented our bigotry
We hailed the struggles of the freedom fighters
Alas we even have monuments for some
But we refuse to pay homage to questioning
Plantations upon plantations
In acres upon acres of fields we set a future
Gracing our motherland thighs we had to satisfy ourselves
But the greediness of others left our resolve abandoned
The entreaties signed to plead for our case were jumbled
Catastrophic discourse was housed in the streets
As anger and hatred spread rapidly in us
It was malignant we fell sick

Deep in the humongous stomach of the Mara
Joy we had as tourists flocked our lands
My country’s squalor leaning haunted us
But yes, could we forgive our detractors
Just how did our resources contribute to our national development?
Picketed irrational beliefs suddenly became our thing
As we sat at the Leviathan sea and looked upon our former gods
Whom the colonialists buried with their sophistication
We journeyed in the eyelids of the Sahara as we saw a brighter future
Alas our thorny sight could see beyond the moon
That was our moment but we wasted it
Time ran while we complained and wondered
O Kenya, are we shut

My country; are we shut
Did we hear the voices of the heralders?
Did we pay attention to muses departing our land?
Our cruelty camped at our noses and we breathed fire
Are our thoughts wired; are we mediocrity wired
My fellow citizens time fast forward to today
Are we melancholic; or raged beasts
Sucking mammals or pests
Purloined wants we scattered
And a dare pricks our minds
The charted courses stretched from the great north road
As we labored to unveil our forebears footprints
Could we Kenya
Munificent a tag name in our future
Proposing a new revival but how would we
We lost hope and our country ceased being a nation
Rubbing the our countries breasts we savor on the hitherto – dryness
We wasted – truncated and disposed our patriotism
Our tokens stretching from Mount Kenya to Mount Elgon
From Lake Elementaita to Lake Turkana
From the Yatta plateaus to Indian ocean
We are endowed with natural resources
Do we care that we waste them

Laissez-fairer we banished and pocketed
ludicrous comments we hurled
The god mountains we hurled epithets at
We formed evil; O pandemonium
We borrowed the gods at Mount Olympus to save us
We embraced renaissance as our minds wouldn’t inspire us
Do we see the pomegranate we chewed?
We are doomed to eternal suffering
The luminaries warned us but we wished they didn’t
My country why aren’t we developing
We irked at Jonah’s travails and deeply succumbed to them
Languishing at the saliva of the Waley vomit of corruption – we fell
We fall my people! We fall my brethren!
We still sing on anthills gazing at the mountains
Beseeching Prometheus to shoulder our burden and push it from our way
Jumbled is our reasoning
We gravitate beneath a myriad of abyss
Are we shut Wananchi!

Lingering and rummaging on dustbins we relish
Thoughts provocative we sort our feelings
Ague sending infants to the maker
Constant remonstrance has shown out vulnerability
Inflicting an urge in us to perfect scapegoating
Contumacious and willfully stupid to laws
We labor to see tomorrow but in what shape
Our African regalia has been completely burnt out
Yet we are sovereign; we are free
Is it insinuation or outright insolence?
Can we bridge the twisted fate?
Is my country united?
Are we still a nation
Can we reap from our patriotism?
Are we shut fellow citizens?


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