I lift up my hands, and gaze through heaven’s
Wrecked and tormented, deeply mutilated and
Lost in this world, a world where rights are
deemed as if lights are off We can see but we are
Blinded by prejudices and long nights off
Sins from abomination and alienation
I look upon the highlighted cross and wail – crucify


Crucify me
Yes, crucify me
Pierce me with nails to untie me
From this shakles of evil
But the pain – the pain, why me
Is it my fault that I am weak and a lie me
Do I have to question, question things that are
above me
Deeply pained, I plead Lord can you have me
Do you love me
Can I serve you
Because I know you
Yet the things I have done trap me
If this is the price then I am willing to crucify me
Crucify me and wash me
Wash me to purify me
Wash me to beautify me
Crucify me to heal me
I want to feel you and meal on your table


I make mistakes
And I carry my own cross
Lead me to Golgotha
Crucify me to cleanse me
I need nourishment
Crucify me to sanctify me
Sanctify me to inspire me
Inspire me to live free
I stand accused before the multitude of humanbeings
I rank among the worst behaved
O Lord crucify me for I am willing to pay
Crucify me to redeem me
I am tired of carrying crosses
Crucify me to free me



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