On a piece of paper
I lay open my feelings and thoughts
I lay open my fears and tears

On a piece of paper
I find a friend to talk to
The writings comfort and console me

On a piece of paper
I speak to the world
I tell them of the longing in my heart

I write of my problems and fears, hoping that my tears wont erase my words. I scribble, hoping my eyes wont close from this exhausation. I support my hand as I write another line, to let you know of my pain. Hoping that you’ll read this piece I am writing. Hoping you’ll see my weakness and the dangers that pursue me. Without you, everything is hopeless. I am writing for you my love – On a piece of paper

I take letters from my heart, to quench this desire on this paper. My only friend, the paper has promised to communicate with you. I saw no other option. You refused to listen to me speak. You hanged up on me, you ignored my texts. I am not sure why you crushed my world. I built it for us hoping together we’d find a home and make an eternity of bliss. I am writing for you my pain – On a piece of paper

You closed your doors on me, leaving me to bleed to death, you let rain harass me out here alone. Yet you are my strength and warmth. I lit a candle in the rain, praying it wont die out, so that when you stared out the window you’d see me writing your name with wax on my skin. I tried everything I could think of but you my dear, refused to listen. I knocked on your door a million times until my coronation as “the king of broken hearts.” Why my dear do you refuse me? Yet I am writing for you my efforts – On a piece of paper

I am lonely. I am tired of crying. Please I beg, remember me everywhere you go. I called your name daily. You were all I could think of thru’ the night. I chased your shadow mostly, you were always too fast for me, for I would fall. ‘Cause I do not have my heart. You stole my heart. The fire you started in me has refused to die instead it has multiplied because of your walls. I am tired of this habit of writing – On piece of paper

Come to me my love, be my friend. Come I show you all the library of papers that have your name. Come comfort and console me. Come we preach to the world of our victory together. Come see my fears and tears. I wanna show you my feelings and share with you my thoughts. Please my lovely darling, help me breath fully once more. I do not want to die before holding and kissing you. I wanna write on your heart and not – On a piece of paper

Eddy Ongili


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