Iam thoughtless on where to find emplyoment
I have tried to knock on doors
I have waited patiently for my windows to open
Great things have happend
I have been abused by receptionists
Told I have ‘inappropriate’ qualifications
Comforted that I can make it elsewhere but not here
I have been reminded Iam young and too ambitious
So I have remained jobless

Iam jobless and clueless
I have tarmacked assuming the pain
Hoping that one day I’ll be lucky
But nothing-
I realize there is competition
But like my fellow youths, Iam jobless
So who is getting the jobs on offer

I vote in a new government
Thinking I would benefit from its promise of emplyoment
But its all the same
I got this painful scar
I have been called stupid, I have been judged
Some think I do not try as hard
This jobless scar has refused to heal
Maybe Iam tactless
And I remain jobless

When will life open up
When will my bad luck step aside
And let me walk free and dream again
I have been advised to try self-employment
But where is the starting capital
I have camped at banks and NGOs pleading my case
‘You cant be trusted, you’re too young, thats not a good plan’
I remain jobless and Iam a mess

Iam getting old
I should start my own family
But how will I manage
This ‘joblessness’ makes me a less person
Iam jobless, Iam jobless
Will I ever gain employment?

Eddy Ongili


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