I love you so much
I would love to touch
And smooch
I keep saying that to the walls
Walls that are mirrored and iced

Iam hopless
I receive no kindness
Where is my lover
Who will be my saver
To bless me with romance
Just this once
Would she come to me
And help me see
I swear to the walls that Iam romantic
But I hide in the attic
Anytime a loving eye appears
I cant romance, or do any dance

I guess Iam just lost
Near to be found but hidden in the dark
Maybe my mind cheats me
Maybe my heart has an ego
But I exude romance whilst Iam scared
Scared of Romeo and Juliet kind of tales
And chasing of tails
A lover’s tail; she dosent want me
I remain to watch my reflection
Admire with affection
Though the reflection maybe teary

I’ll speak
I tried,isnt that what its all about
Let them call me a hopless romantic
But my heart contains love thats fantastic

Eddy Ongili


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