The feminine scent pours all over
Dreams tonight dance into toxic emotions
The artistical curves of her body is covered in lingerie
As she approaches the empirical minty bed
Her satin lingerie equates to Aphrodites night dress
Desires emigrate to and fro
Her lips are mushed together with raspberries
The tone of her skin matches the satin lingerie
I cant find a synonym in thesaurus to divide her divinity

My mind raptures to her rythmic steps
For tonight, beyond the satin lingerie
The lasso has me captive
The purity of her methodogical kisses
The quittiscences of her furry carresses
Inspire an urge in me to dissolve the lingerie into obscurity
A large sequence as she lays down on the minty bed
The echoes of a pleasant noise as she breathes heavily
As the latent epitome of perfection inches closer

She leads me beyond the satin lingerie
The calling of fate, not at this moment should take me
The labyrinth of my imminent closure draws closer
Her tokens open to my eyes
My tongue secures a temporary job
The silken shower she gives me
Plumes from her lingerie closet
I am destined to cover the mile
Even faster than the horses
The satin lingerie accepts my hardened frustrum
Pulsating, breathing, thrusting
She twitches as if she’s bathing in the ravine
The lacy feeling I get makes me heave a sigh of relief
The lingerie has led me to endless bliss

With her on my thighs as I lay down on the minty bed
She periodically rises to touch the tides
She promises to fly, as her breasts flap
The doves bless me with lovely kisses
Thrusting her satin beyond lingerie
I get all the clues
I bet tonight I am wise
This lingerie night, emotions are flared to the stars
The echoes of the sounds fill the atmosphere
So loud
So intense and hot
That the clouds melt and thunderstorms are humbled
The pictures I get, restore my soul to infinity
For the lingerie night has increased my sight

Eddy Ongili


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