Shame on you death
Into the gutter
That is where you belong
Deep in the confines of hell
You are always wrong
A man was well
Without sickness, always filled with a smile
He had a family
He was the sole provider
Yet in split seconds you took him
Injured our hearts
Mercilessly you never cared
of what will happen to his family

Some claim ’twas an accident
But death, I hold you responsible
I’ll sue you before God
The charges will be – you’re heartless
You lay no claim to perfectness
Yet you choose to end a life
You think you can lead us home
I am ashamed of you
You have no values

What of the mother you took
You made her home shake
She had kids to nurse
And a husband to love
You are inconceivable
And I am unimpressed by your hand
She was a good woman
You keep uprooting the best shoots
You think you own us
Well I got news for you
I loathe you
If I must pass through you
I’ll kick your ass

I am bitter and pained by your behaviour
You steal a child
Who hasn’t even seen life
You steal a brother and a sister
You destroy homes
Aren’t you ashamed of all this
I am sure the world dosent miss you
I am ashamed you even exist
I am sickened you were given ‘powers’
You deserve no repect
Death please!
Desert earth – Shame on you

Eddy Ongili


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