I visit strange places and meet frightening faces
I edge out mountains and pledge gifts to any help I get
I risk my life searching for you
I pass through thick forests where I can see no light
I dance on willows hoping you’ll see me
I am held hostage by diseases that ravage my body
I move through shines and falls
I risk it all to be with you

I risk my life bargaining that grounds remain firm
I risk all the thorns, flames, holes and claws
All because my love for you supersedes the dangers I encounter
I get knocked down by beasts yet I still risk and fight
I walk through the day, danger approaches me in your apparition
I think I see you wanting to jump down a cliff
I risk it all to save you but I catch nothing
I break my limbs, I injure my soul
I risk my breath, I run along despite its empty signals
I risk it all for you

I encounter swamps and marshy fields
They derail my progress, I risk my energy to push ahead
For you my dear, I risk all I am so I can serve you
I risk it all to get just one kiss
I risk it all for I realize the worthniess of your companionship
I risk it because I love You

Eddy Ongili


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