My blood constantly drips
I keep bleeding words from my mind and soul
I keep wanting to bleed to death
And resurrect back in my pages
I keep bleeding for it sustains my life
Poetry does it for me, it serves me

I bleed words of the wise, words akin to Shakespeare and Angelou
I bleed words that refuse to let go the desires to succeed
The words of wisdom of King Solomon and the wise men
I bleed intoxicating words that thrill the urgency to rise again
From the cemetries of failure to the ever present need to keep trying
I keep bleeding on pages, in light and dark
Hoping the ridges would feel my touch and respond
Respond that I am doing the right thing to proclaim Hope

From the Westminister bridge to the Capes and the Atlas
From the Tibetian temples to the cowboy fashion in Mexico
I bleed words that will inspire a generation
Walk with them through affliction and temptation
I keep bleeding, refusing to fade in times to come
For I should still have a home
This is my duty, to watch over my kindred and tell them of God
A God who is loving, merciful and forgiving
I keep bleeding for in someway, I want everyone to obey God

When the winds of time would have blown
And age would have caught up with me and I am ‘ Fare Thee Well’
I hope my bleeding would have surpassed my convictions
And maybe people would still be inspired by what I wrote
I hope my bleeding would create a world of harmony
Where peace would emanate back and forth like day and night
And solitude would be a constant factor
I keep bleeding, hoping someone would find meaning to my words
I have created a world where all is possible
Still hoping anyone willing will try to achieve it
I keep bleeding and I have refused to let go my writingy
Till I cease breathing is when I’ll stop

I keep bleeding words that I sometimes cant understand
But a deeper scrutiny reveals all to me
‘Cause I have kept myself open and I am not afraid
I will preach all over the world
Tell the message even to stones, as the Bible says
For still a stone will provide a listening ear

I preach of love my people
I keep bleeding for You and Me
Hoping that suffering will make us stronger
And more of believers in God
My pen keeps bleeding
I shall and will bleed to death
Everyone has to get the message –
Love and Keep Trying

Eddy Ongili


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