The rain is pounding hard
I gaze outside through the window
Hoping to catch the soils aroma
Hoping my eyes would see someone running
I gaze and the world seems to be in slow motion
The raindrops take eternity to complete their falls
The streaming rain on my window draws patterns
From what my head can decipher, I read ‘Hope’
It turns dark in meandering seconds
The whole world seems to be overturning
The cries from the graves shouts displeasure
The laughs at the bar drop in thunderstorms
And the street lights are blinking
I wonder what all this means

My gaze leads me to strange places
I see a wounded heart, I try to reach it
But I knock the window and I can only curse
The movement of my feet cracks the ground I walk on
Thats when I realize I am walking on a window
I look around for revelation
And deep in the cornermost part of my house
I see an old piano, from the guiding keys
I press and voices of hope surround me
I once again realize, I have to let go
I have to let go the windows

I rush back at my window
The draught that seeped in revealed all to me
I push the window open
Amazingly, everything returns to normal
I can hear the rain doing its lullabies for babies to sleep
And sooner the moon signals its arrival
Strange but perhaps normal
Something changes in me
For when I pushed the window open
I opened my heart to an eternity of hope and blessings
Through my gaze, I learnt…
It only needed a little bit of hope
And things would be alright

Eddy Ongili


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