O God, hold me close with your breath
I seek to advance steadily fron my place in the hearth
The heat from my sinful nature consumes me
Bring me to your place, a place I want to be
I listen carefully Lord, I learn you’re the way
I cry to you, I plead Father, listen to me as I pray

Scarlet roses cant quench my thirst for beauty
Your place is divine, your garden is abundant and fruity
That is the place I belong, that I am sure
Open my heart so that I can see your ways are pure
If nature pays attention to your love and strength
I too would to feel your hand rescue me from death

I am judged by this world, the judgements are too harsh
But the more I know you, I realize I’m more than trash
I am destined to be great, this the world may not see
Your love calms violent storms in the boundless sea
Help me follow your statutes, be my aid and light
Though troubles heap on me, I know you feel my plight

I fall into sin more often because I am weak
Yet still in your infinite love and mercy, you forgive my sins
I am weak by myself, I cant even stay away from sin for a week
My tongue is sometimes loose and I fret to now ever since
Your starry road is so wonderous, the starlights starve my yearning
The state I’m in O Lord, I deserve a divine opening

Your love is sufficient, you lead me to a place of no worry
I prostrate myself seeking your forgiveness, Father I’m sorry
I look above with my eyes closed and I feel your touch
Hem me in Father, let me sit on your couch
I barricade evil with your love, build me as a strong wall
Please do not let evil break it, this time I dont want to fall

I am consumed by pity for others who break your law
I’ll use myself as an example, and they’ll shout Lo! he’s blessed Lo!
Clothe me with your brilliance Father, the cloak of old
No fabric or designer can match it, truth be told
I meditate, you’ve given me freedom, I have chosen you Lord
Help me near you, please break my sinful chord

The cost of salvation is payable, I dedicate myself wholly
All I’m to pay with is my heart, I do it diligently
My prayers only represent a fraction of what I feel
If I’m to open my heart Father, love would fill
Thank you, you’re the reigning light, forever and ever
Hear me, answer me. Amen, I know you’re my saver

Eddy Ongili


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