I search the world for a hero
I scramble for the numbers but get a zero
I travel in vast fields to find someone to look up to
I search and search
I recall everywhere I touch
Trying to feel the veins of a hero
Every thought escapes me in whispering seconds
I hear, ‘You’re searching the wrong places
Meeting the wrong faces’
I am reminded a Hero is Me

Life gave birth to a hero
Life has moulded me into a great person
Yet it is my choice
I either choose to be a hero or zero
The former has been knocking in my mind for ages
I have heard its whispers and desperate cries
‘Please let me in, please attend to me’
I have heard the words
‘A hero lies in you’, Mariah sang
A hero is me
A hero is definetly in me

I’ll exercise my will
I’ll tell what I feel
I’ll let the hero control me
And help me see
For the world is within my reach
I have the power to pick or take what like

I am a hero
Hear O world
A Hero is Me
To life I commit and I’ll struggle till I make it
For ‘A Hero is Me’ will give me strength
To overcome and conquer

Eddy Ongili


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