The lexical paragraphs of definitions and substandard vocabularies
The thesaurus of immediate response
Take me to night clubs or sunny beaches
Euphemisim in and our trying to trivialize abomination
Family nudity, an exposure of naturalism
Students of Charles Darwin
Brings joy to my soul, damn! The exposure of skin
I see variety from children to adults
I have a tag name, “a gigantic pervert”
Akin to porn addicts and penis exposers

The penile intrusion, the vaginal excursion
On the fields of bouncing castles
From one thigh to another eye
The world is our, seek information if you doubt
The devil calls the shots
Its done in shots, just drop your shorts
In this field of activity, boy you need energy
Minds are paraded to witness
Priests should also confess
Remember all they heard in confession boxes
Tied to allegiance and vows not to open their mouths
It breeds disturbance

Look at Tom, DICK and Harry
Question Susan, Helen the CAT and Britney
In unison they’ll answer, “the penis has completly revolted this world”
The vaginal excursion allows it to rule
Then the vagina-carriers cry for empowerement
And muses to drive inspiration into their eyes(read thighs)
Admist all the ice
Admist the meditation of the monks
All over Tibet and the Himalayan enclosures
We need hours of silence
But the frictions and wails disturb my trying alienation

Who am I?
Who am I not to indulge in this intrusion?
Why dont I seek admission?
Into the extended mansion?
My sedation lives shortly all the times
…I wanna try it
All my friends are practically experts
Not theoretical as I
This is home- ‘come, come’
I am welcomed
The penile intrusion absorbs my concentration
In dark alleys, legs apart, penises try the ultimate dispersion

The areas of minora are labelled hot and wet
A climate that condensends shy lasses
Take your time, meiosis and mitosis perfect the grouping
Penile’s intrude, nature is overpowered
O where is the weatherman? where is rain?
To quench insatiable desires
To put off this fires
I loathe hate, it affects our fate
Help dessminates in the moment or war

Look at all the abortions
Indeed transgressions
That is a life lost, a pure child
That is a disturbance to humanity’s cycle
The fabric has been lost
The fallopian tubes direct the ‘cancerous’ children
Unwanted! Out!
Please tell me why
Its a bleak future as long as long as the intrusion continues
Share your views
Maybe all this is perfect and sweet
O demons, O jinns
Take me to heaven!

Eddy Ongili


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