The sensitive electrocution of the hideous medula oblangata
A sequence elongating from Pumwani to Langata
The penile intrusion-
A characteristic condemnation with titbits of damnation
The proverbial wisdom of Solomon and cliques of ants that won
O this battle, this war
The secret feeling of utopia and myriad oblivion
Into cacaphonous thinking of outward purity
Delvess the insignificant parades of weakness to reality
The weird noises; brouhaha, hullabaloo and all the jittering
Disturbs the surrounding bliss

The penile intrusion
Exercises the labia discussions on imminent sinking
Its deep,
The cerebrum trys to adapt to the immediate disturbance
Blood flows only once
The world is somewhat wonderful, full of variety
Some called whispers, others noises and “a strange voice”
Why the intrusion?
Doves signal an immediate depature to greener lands
The world has its hands
Twists and turns, it holds the pivot to this dance
The large Bantu drums, the stange Orutu
The movements gush blood to and fro in this instant
Save the world! Save the world!

A child is born, an old man us dead
The world refuses to smile, candles intrude the sunlight
The funeral of a young man, the death of a loved daughter
Its more of a penetration to the fabric of primal duty
Its rape to society
The intrusion makes the excursion
Attempts temptation and is strong like a lion
For its duty is to penetrate the human mind
To those cruel and kind
It binds
It disturbs an individuals solitude

I pray for an ounce of understanding
The crevices of society constantly shut down
Its wanton destruction to the future we want
The future of success and fulfilment
The labia activities are the height of bliss
Obsene scenes, strip clubs and hooker dens
The world is rejuvenated
*Flex your muscles my friend*
The world wants to feel your weight
**Claims the Desiderata, ‘you’re a child of the universe’

Take a seat in the elongated and stable chair
Covered in satin layers of abundance and heavenly glory
Its wonderful to the roving eye with insatiable desires
Eyes open to the pulsating breaths
The thrusting minds and tongues
Gang-bangs and street gangs
You wanna join the bronze-coated Greeks,
Prove your strength… show us what you got
Tame the Labia-Trojans, make them gallop
Its an intrusion that requires utter dominance

The world is falling my brothers
It is eating the flesh of our sisters
The penile intrusion in this grieving revelation
A child is coming riddled with HIV/AIDS
Talk to bats and guards, poles and owls
The former houses the savage me
The latter lassos disreputed women
Take the tokens
I’ll write with my pens
Autograph the penises in ICU
I talk of you and me
The penile intrusion bleeds the peace of solace
Exacerbating the vaginal sogginess, this time its done
Take me to hell.. O sages and prophets

Eddy Ongili


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