Absorb me O world
Influence me so I can penetrate your alleged walls
Describe to me all the cold
Disperse the heat in the rulers seat labelled *glan
This is a mere understatement to our ancestors longing
Why keep me waiting?
Why is society bent on maintaining rules it cant follow?
Virginity is a foreign word
The penile intrusion has invoked this curse
A deliberate curse for instant and heightened rubbing
Indeed its also riveting

I watch performances and laid-back lesbian flicks
Its exciting
They try to dismember the penile’s invaluable wisdom
Only to degenerate to plastic penises
I’ll be jugded and hurled at, but its a shame
I speak of ills
Preach about insurbodinate wills
“I dont wanna engage in sex”
But it changes the moment the skin feels
The moment the vagina fills

I am bothered by this intrusion
or maybe the world wasn’t peaceful at all
Where did people leave their morals
I guess the womb maybe
It has been a struggle, not less than a war
Money has ruined it all
It has made people fall
Made prostitutes crawl
Insults have been hurled
It has built walls and shaken the earths’ poles

That has made the penile’s intrusion successful
They have the money
And Yeah, they say… “I can buy sex”
Remember, I am displeased by open thighs
And roving eyes
Something needs to be done
But that ‘something’ is not known
I admit I know “nothing” also and I’ll be called a fool
Not sure if I am looking for vaginal affection
Or the worlds attention

Its all our fault
Look at the kind of children being brought up
They have been initiated into sex as soon as they’re born
They have a sense of what is going on
And I promise the penile’s intrusion is going nowhere
As long as the labia’s keep opening here and there
Winds have ceased speaking anymore
Souls are nowadays wasted on their need for salvation
Why you may ask?
They are searching the wrong places

The world is blind to its Maker’s love
The world has simply refused to listen
Morals! Morals!
Rotten. Complete ignomy is spewed forth
In such a manner, you’d think its fashionable
Everyone is comfartable
*Flex your muscles if you’re able
*Appetites are insatiable
Why should I blame the world?
Who am I to say what is wrong or right?
But I am sure something is wrong…
O sages, prophets, demons, jinns, I add poets
This time, bury me deep in the earths pit

Eddy Ongili


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