All the despising comments I get do nothing to shake me. It has never bothered me ’cause I realize this is my life and as long as I am happy, nothing comes in between.

It dosent bother me that people think I am weak. All because I refuse to conform to the status quo. I refuse to ‘drink just because you drink’

It dosent bother me when I am tagged titles and nicknamed. For in the end I know I am the original ME. And as long as ME is okay, all the bellttling tags fall off

It dosent disturb my conscience that I alone seems to obey the rules. What my conscience dictates as right, I do. Even if people around me think I am boring and stupid. That remains their problem

I deal with my problems the way I deem fit. I allow correction. It has never bothered me that I do not know everything, sometimes even nothing but what reigns supreme is and will always be my desire to continue growing, to endlessy learn

Nothing in this world is as important to me as my relationship with God. So it never bothers me when I am mocked on my practise of faith. I am utterly convinced the world dosent see

I think of myself greatly. I value my life. I cherish my gifts. It dosent bother me that I keep getting negative comments such as: ‘you’re not gonna make it, its too late’. I keep my head high and Hope makes me strong. As long as I believe and work towards my goal, nothing bothers me not even my enemies/friends success. I just get concerned.

It dosent bother me that time seems to fly away, because I live my days fully. I enjoy myself. I write, I connect and communicate. But one thing is powerful. My life is my concern. I live to the fullest. All I do is – do what I know I can do best

Eddy Ongili


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