The silhoutee of her body approaches my bed
Constantly stopping maybe to receive the divine light
Drapped in the silken bed robe and wooled sandals
Her hair dropping the silky touch on her back
Pulling off the robe, she climbs the bed
Lies on the upper chambers of the silken sheets
Non-partisan to blankets and late night wines
There she lies, spread all over like the silken sheets
An aura of the ravines fragrance emanates
A bleak future, suddenly opens with anticipation

She touches my lips, words should cease
Imploring action like the deathless gods for a revolt
For azure tonight I must seek
A touch to her bright shiny skin echoes my mind
I am propelled to lands of milk and honey
The areas around her thighs purify my thoughts
Medusa tonight has taken me captive
Her belongings so pure, you wonder their daily birth
Her hands gently massaging the silken sheets
Performance is needed without partiality

I task my toungue to unlock this mystery
My face is blessed by gentle wipes of the rabbit’s tail
As I lower down and I lie on the rest of the silken sheets
She twitches and clutches to the ends of the sheets
With an intoxicating passion
With an agility to shed all my sugar
I seek in, thrusting her silken sphere
First slowly thrusting as of playing a violin
Then rhythmic faster, more intense and loud
The beats are heard from the north to southpole
Its a constant ritual like washing in the Ganges

She sheds a tear while reaching for the 9th cloud
Its riveting, stand-up ovations and more applause
She clutches firmly on the silken sheets
As if they were her rescue from imminent bliss
Deep in my throbbing, pulsating silken tower
I continue the thrust as a dove blesses my face
Sweaty and satisfied, all I hear is Yes, Yes
She has walked on the clouds
She has attained perfection on the silken sheets
I am a servant to her splendid desires

Eddy Ongili


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