Poets are warriors
They are the Knights labelled Sir
They are the queens reigning the world
Poets have been known to shed blood
They have swam in pools of mud
of countless hours of training and battles

Poets are heros
They have shed blood for humanity’s sake
They try to remind the world of its ills
They have broken seals
Poets aren’t scared of death
They write what they feel
Despite the little appeal they derive

Iam humbled by the libation of their blood
They are known to please ancestors
They understand the hierarchy of divinity
They aknowledge God
They seek an audience with the devil
Just to remind him- he is nothing
The poets blood is or rare blood group
They have survived coup- de- tats
Some have died for expressing the truth
All in an effort to speak to someone
I number poets by the millions
I talk of Homer, Shakespeare, You and I

We understand our duty
And if it takes blood to put ink on paper
So shall it be
A poet must be respected
They exercise infinity to communicate
Travelling miles of imagination, despair, feelings,
reality, bliss et. al.
They practically die and resurrect
Just so the right words can be wrote then spoke
Respect to their blood; their ink

Its all a poet needs, an audience
Thats respect in acceptance and vice versa
Thank you.

Eddy Ongili


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